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Karen Underlin


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"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over,

it became a butterfly".


If you feel like your style

is stale and there's

not much you can do

to change that,

I am here to show

you otherwise...

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As a Christian Image Consultant,

I help women discover their

personal style through

color analysis &

body type


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Sketched Notice Board


can be thrilling

and inspirational! 

But, for most women,

just like butterflies...

change can also be



It's a process.

But, one that is

worth the work.

Let's work together!


I want to guide you

as you break out

of your cocoon to

find personal style & 

peace with your body,

which has been

beautifully created

by God to

do beautiful things

I knew how to make clothing work for me until...

I was no longer working. Throughout my professional career, I could easily put together an office-appropriate outfit. But, once I retired, I felt completely lost and boring in my jeans and t-shirts. I knew something had to change and everything did when I discovered

Fashion Meets Faith

and it's founder, Shari Brandel, author, speaker and creator of

the 27 Hanger Wardrobe. I completed my certification to become

an image consultant in 2021 so I can help you

the same way she helped me. I love what I do!

Helping women find fashion freedom


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Color Analysis

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Let me help you find your best colors! By analyzing your unique combination of hair color, eye color and skin tone, I can determine a palette of colors that are most flattering for you. 


Entire fee donated to the American Cancer Society

Discovery Store, Camarillo, CA

The Color Experience

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This intensive analysis will help you to learn how to buy clothing in hues that will build a beautiful, personalized wardrobe. You'll learn your best colors for makeup, accessories, shoes & more!

1.5 hrs

$90, includes

digital color swatches

Closet Edit

Clothes Hangers

Does your closet need a makeover? I'll develop a comprehensive plan for your wardrobe so there's no more stressing, only smart spending, and a satisfaction that you can dress with confidence!

2 hrs

$150, includes

color swatch deck

I am passionate about supporting the efforts of the American Cancer Society and regularly donate all fees for my services during special events at Discovery Stores. Click here to learn more 

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Somis, CA  |  Tel: 805-407-6284

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